Star Printed Pants

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You have probably heard me mention (read: complain) about how the weather in Arizona has been unseasonably warm as of late. While I wish I could be wearing coats and scarves as we are just a few days away from Thanksgiving, I am trying to have an attitude of thankfulness rather than of want. With that being said, I'm very thankful that I can still wear open-toed shoes and that I can step outside on my lunch breaks to "warm up" when it's freezing inside! 

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It's nice that I've still been able to wear lighter layers longer into the year, because I know other parts of the country/world are having to bundle up right now for winter! I was talking to one of my best friends the other night who lives in Chicago, and she reported that it's been 35 degrees for the HIGH, which she says "isn't too bad"...I honestly wouldn't know how to function in that kind of weather! Needless to say I'll be taking full advantage of these 80-degree temps (while they last) by wearing some of my favorite transitional pieces, like these star-printed pants

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I bought them a few weeks ago, and they're actually on sale now! Gotta love the world of retail... But they're honestly so comfortable--almost like wearing pajamas to work which I'm definitely all about. They are made of a lightweight crepe fabric and are looser fitting through the thigh (which is why they're so comfortable); plus they have the cutest bow detail on the elastic waistline. Yep, that's right! Now do you believe me? If there's a perfect pair of pants to wear for Thanksgiving dinner it's these babies right here. And you can try them out for yourself because right now they are under $40! Don't wait too long though or else they will sell out! 

Happy Monday friends! I hope you have a great day! xo




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