A Retro-Inspired Look

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One of my themes for this year has been trying to shop my own wardrobe and re-style outfits using pieces I already own. To say it's been a challenge is an understatement. Since I work in retail, I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful new merchandise, not to mention I'm window shopping online whenever I have a free second! I feel like I'm always battling this inner desire to spend money on the latest and greatest in fashion, but I have to stop myself and remember what I've committed myself to. It's definitely like a tug-of-war battle most of the time, but it's been a good thing for me to resist the urge to shop. 

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I've been going through my closet a lot as of late and purging things I don't wear any longer. I took these items to a local consignment shop that focuses more on luxury labels. Since they wouldn't take some of my pieces from J. Crew or H&M, I was just about to donate them, but my husband suggested I make a Poshmark account and try to sell them. This wasn't the first time he had suggested it, but I gave in and decided I would give it a shot--I'm so glad I took his advice! I sold 5 pieces within a week, which gave me some cash to go shopping! It makes sense right? Sell old stuff to buy new stuff. I felt like I had accomplished something major, and I was so proud of what I earned that I really wanted to make my money go a bit further. 

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I had been browsing on the Target app and found a few things that stuck out to me, but inspiration hit as I found these polka dot, bow sandals! I ordered them and couldn't wait for them to come in the mail, and they were even better in person! They have a very retro, Old Hollywood feel to them which I love, and the block heel makes them extremely comfortable. As I was trying on the shoes at home and imagining all of the outfit possibilities they would bring, I had an ah-ha moment: I don't necessarily need new clothes to feel inspired, sometimes inspiration can come in a $40 accessory. I was able to build an outfit around the shoes using clothes I already owned, like this Milly skirt (similar here, last seen here) and this Target button down blouse. Better yet, this accessory is something I can wear again and again, giving it a new look each time. I can't wait to wear these all summer long and take them on my adventures!