J. Crew x Abigail Borg

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When I saw that J. Crew was launching a new collection that consisted mainly of floral prints, I was ALL over it! Based on my recent posts (like this one and this one) then you'll know I've been obsessing over floral prints lately. These weren't just any florals though, they were designed by English textile designer Abigail Borg. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful details within each pattern and the muted jewel tones used throughout the collection. 

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These pants were the first piece to catch my eye--I love a flowy, wide-leg pant! I was debating between getting these or the dress version in the same print. As much as I love dresses, I felt like pants would be more versatile going into fall, so stay tuned in the coming months as I put together a more fall-focused look as the weather cools down. I feel like there are so many colors to play off of, from the pale pink and lavender shades to the dusty blues and greens; my mind is racing with all of the outfit combinations! This isn't the only amazing print in the collection--this tank top and skirt come in a pretty pink and blue version. These two prints are also available in a two-piece and one-piece swimsuit! Perfect for soaking up the last days of summer. 

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Throughout this year on the blog I've been talking about buying pieces that resonate with you and make you happy. These pants definitely fit the bill in that regard! There's just something about a fun print that instantly lifts my mood. Not to mention these pants are so silky and comfortable, it feels like I'm wearing pajamas, so that's definitely a bonus! Do you tend to buy pieces that are more practical or ones that speak to your soul? Let me know in the comments! xo