Why I Still Wear Blush Pink in the Fall

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Whenever I’m asked what my favorite season is, my response is always “fall!”. Which is actually pretty funny now that I’m thinking about it, because fall basically doesn’t exist here in Phoenix. But everything that the fall season brings I absolutely love! Like cooler nights that call for snuggling up in a cozy blanket drinking a cup of hot cocoa, or deep, autumnal colors and layering up in scarves and sweaters, and keeping the windows open at night and waking up to the crisp morning air. Living in 100-degree heat for the better part of the year is honestly draining, so I feel like a certain part of me comes alive when the weather cools down and I feel like I can finally venture outside without wanting to immediately run back into air conditioning!

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As I mentioned earlier, I really do love fall colors like pumpkin orange, burgundy, forest green and even a good mustard yellow. But in case this wasn’t obvious until now, my favorite color ever is pink! Blush pink to be specific. And you can bet 100% that I wear it all year long! For some, this shade of pink may seem like a spring/summer shade, but not for this gal. Blush is basically my version of a neutral—I feel like it goes with literally anything and everything and I can’t get enough of it! So naturally when J. Crew launched new pieces from their Point Sur collection a few weeks ago and I spotted this gorgeous, blush maxi skirt, I jumped all over it! It’s so silky and flowy and fits like a dream. I actually ordered it just in time for our California trip and I had every intention of wearing it on the beach and soaking up the beautiful weather in it, but of course I left it hanging up in my closet at home lol! But for those gals who maybe don’t love pink as much as me (gasp!) the skirt also comes in three other beautiful shades, like a soft, oyster grey, olive green and navy (and it’s currently 25% off)!

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The collection also consists of some yummy, cozy sweaters, like the one I’m wearing! In the close-up photo above you can see it has some speckles of various colors, which I feel adds to the texture and gives the color more depth. I’m a sucker for chunky knit sweaters so this one was a no-brainer! The color I’m wearing is called ‘Heather Sky’, but it also comes in a really pretty coral shade and navy blue! The sweater (also 25% off!) pairs perfectly back to all the different skirt colors, and it makes for an easy go-to fall outfit!

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My next look I’m thinking for this skirt is pairing it with a graphic tee (probs a Disney one, duh!) and sneakers! I'm not sure if you’ve heard, but one of my favorite bloggers just launched a collection with Nordstrom today, and she has designed SO many amazing pieces! I’m totally obsessed with these metallic oxfords, and I think they would be so fun to wear with the maxi skirt! Thanks for checking out today’s post, and don’t forget to stay tuned for another installment of my Fall Capsule Wardrobe series coming later this week! xo