Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Part 4

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This week I’ve really been leaning into the cooler weather and soaking up every minute of it! It’s been so nice to waking up to cool mornings and driving around with the windows down. I also love not having to turn on the A/C in our apartment; it feels so good to save on our energy bill and keep our sliding glass door open throughout the night to let the crisp air in. Right now I’m all about sweaters—I truly can’t get enough of them! If you read Monday’s post then you’ll recognize this sweater and you’ll definitely keep seeing it as I continue my fall capsule wardrobe series!

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I love that this sweater (currently 25% off!) is neutral and goes with anything, but that it also has flecks of pink throughout to give it a bit more depth of color. When I spotted it I knew it would be perfect to pair with my other fall capsule pieces! Even though it’s a chunky knit it’s not too bulky, and it has some larger holes on the sleeves so it provides a bit of ventilation :)

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This suede skirt will definitely be on repeat this fall and winter, and while I love it with a sweater tucked in, I’m on the hunt for a structured blazer to pair with it for a more polished look. One of my favorite things I’ve discovered in creating these capsule wardrobe posts is just how creative you can get when it comes to making different outfits! Sometimes when I buy a particular item I can be very narrow-minded and think that it can only be worn a certain way; but then when I really step outside my comfort zone and think of all the possibilities, I realize that there are endless possibilities! I’m excited to continue experimenting and sharing it all with you. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! xo