A Monochromatic Look

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Happy Wednesday friends! Or should I say, Happy Windsday, in the words of Winnie the Pooh :) I’m so excited to be sharing a new blog post with you this week, because it’s been quite some time since my last one! This tends to happen as we get closer to the holiday season due to my crazy retail work schedule, and this past week was definitely crazy!

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I worked every up until Thanksgiving Day, and of course with perfect timing, started coming down with a cold. I wanted to work on the blog on Thanksgiving since that was my one day off, but felt like poop the whole day and obviously just wanted to relax and spend time with family! Then I worked overtime all of Black Friday weekend and finally had a day off yesterday to rest up from being sick and get caught up on blog stuff! Let me tell you, it was sooo nice to have a day to do laundry, clean up a little and just have the day to be at home and watch Friends. Since I never have weekends off, I only get one day off at a time (not two together) so I find myself always working on various projects or going to different appointments because I have limited time to get things done. So yesterday was really great being able to lounge around and not have anywhere to be.

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Typically when I’m sick I hate getting remotely “dressed up” so literally all I wear is yoga pants and a comfy sweatshirt or t-shirt depending on the weather. Thankfully with the job I currently have I’m able to be more casual at work, so jeans, sneakers, and a top is my daily uniform. That being said, whenever I’m finally feeling more like myself, I have an urge to wear cute clothes again and actually put outfits together, since I don’t even have to be cute for work! We took these pictures a couple weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to posting them, but I really want to wear this outfit again because I love the monochromatic look with the pop of metallic oxfords.

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This sweater is the one I bought from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen collection at Nordstrom, and I love how versatile it is! I wore it in this outfit here, and it’s a great layering piece to wear under a blazer or with a great pair of jeans. I’m so excited to get more use out of it this holiday season! Same goes for this skirt, which you’ve seen me wear in this post. I’ve been getting different ideas for how to style it in fun ways, and I love pairing it with these metallic oxfords for a more playful look.

I’m in the process of dreaming up some fun holiday content for December, but if there’s anything in particular that you want to see please let me know—I’m all ears! xo