Tropical Printed Shorts

In one of last week's post I mentioned that I only owned one pair of denim shorts, which I bought when I was in high school. So needless to say I'm lacking a little (or a lot!) in the shorts department! I'm still in need of a new denim pair, however, this printed pair was too cute to pass up for these warm summer days!

I'm an impulse wishlist-er (yes, it's a thing!) when I shop. Whether it's in a store or online, when I find something I like, I add it to my wishlist, and keep checking on that item to see if it goes on sale within a couple weeks. I've found that 90% of the time, good things come to those who wait! 

I first spotted these shorts on the J. Crew website, and while I loved them immediately, I decided to wait because as I'm sure you all know, nothing on their site stays full price for long! There's always some sort of promo code that makes it's way online, or the item gets marked down a week later. So my advice: don't buy it at full price! Unless it's maybe one of the last few left in your size, which at that point you might just have to bight the bullet and do it ;) But the proof is in the pudding--these babies are now on sale!

Not only was it the print that made me adore these shorts, but the fit and the button detail as well! I've mentioned before that I can be very picky when it comes to how shorts fit me (hence only 1 pair of denim shorts!) and when I tried these on I knew they had to come home with me! Since they're a bit more high-waisted, they're great with a top tucked in, or with a crop top. How would you style them? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by today, it always means so much! Have a great day! xo