Breakfast Berry Bowl

There's nothing like a bowl of fresh fruit and nutrients to get you energized and ready for the day! I know when I have a busy work day ahead, I hate eating a big breakfast and feeling sluggish the rest of the day. That's why this quick and simple yogurt berry bowl will help give you the fuel you need without feeling over-stuffed. Also, if you saw on my Instagram yesterday, I made this as a post-workout snack and it was the perfect pick-me-up! 

I picked up Siggi's yogurt at Sprouts for the first time yesterday and I am so impressed with it! It has less sugar than other leading yogurt brands, and the flavor is still amazing. This particular one has Acaí berries in it, which have numerous health benefits including heart and skin health, aids in digestion, and provides an energy boost. I used two of these 5oz containers for my berry bowl, but you could use more or less depending on how much you want.

I added in fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries to my bowl to add to the mixed berry yogurt flavor. I'm sure the yogurt tastes just as great on its own, but I love adding in different textures and flavors when I can!

Next, I added in some KIND vanilla and flax seed granola for a little bit of crunch. I try to mix in all the ingredients together, but once I start eating I tend to add more granola in as I go. Sort of like adding more syrup to your pancakes, right? :) 

There you have it! Told you it was quick and simple, and a great way to start your day off on a healthy note. What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast recipes you like to make? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Wednesday!