The Shoes I've Been Wearing With Everything

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Have you ever taken a random quiz where one of the questions is "what's your favorite season?" I always used to pick fall, and I'm honestly not sure why since I've never really experienced a legit fall season! In Texas we saw the leaves change color, but they seemed to fall so quickly and then BAM winter was upon us. Anyway, if I were to take another quiz like that my new answer would be spring! I love seeing all the flowers bloom (thankfully I don't have allergies--knock on wood!) and all of the beautiful pastel colors come to life. I also love spring for the fashion! Seeing all of the flowy dresses, straw textures and fun shoe styles get me so excited for the season. 


A few months ago I purchased a pair of wedges that I had seen online and fell in love with them instantly. I had never owned a pair of shoes from this brand before, so I was a little nervous that the size wouldn't be right or that I wouldn't find them to be comfortable once I got them on. All of those worries melted away the second I put them on--I was in shoe heaven! First, let me take a step back and talk about the packaging. I ordered these shoes through, which was also a new retailer to me. I decided to give them a try and let me tell you, I couldn't have been happier with my experience! I didn't have to pay any shipping fees and the shoes were delivered in 2 days all the way from London! They were packaged inside the most beautiful marbled box (which I kept for storage purposes because it's just too pretty to throw away!); it was apparent a lot of detail went into packaging this box--I'm all about the details! Now back to the shoes...


I don't know about you, but typically when I buy a pair of shoes it's for a particular season. I buy boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. Thankfully in Arizona I'm able to wear open-toed shoes for 9 months out of the year, so that's mostly what my closet consists of. When it came to these wedges though, I knew they would be strictly for the spring and summer months due to the woven, straw detailing on the heel. Again, it made me a little nervous because I wanted to be sure I would get good use out of them; I can confidently say that even just in 2 months I most certainly have. This is probably one of the most versatile pairs of shoes that I own, which is funny considering that I doubted they would be. Whether it's with a pair of jeans or with a dress, I can count on these shoes to take me places day or night, all summer long. xo