Tweed Jacket

When I think of my style and how it's evolved over the years, I can say the one thing that's remained constant is my attraction to classic pieces. I can't resist a three-quarter sleeve cardigan, a fitted blazer, or in this case a tweed jacket. However, I've definitely had my moments of doubt. Sometimes when I look at my closest I think to myself, "Should I really be dressing this way?". I see some other women around me in my age group (mid-twenties) who dress very trendy and I can tell they like to take risks with their clothing, which I appreciate and admire.

I can sometimes be insecure about the way I dress and feel like I should be dressing a certain way based on my age, or that I should be taking a more youthful approach to my wardrobe. But then, when I try to be more "trendy" or dress with a bit of an edge, I realize that it's just not me (#oldsoul)! And somehow, I'm just now finally beginning to feel comfortable with that and find myself through my sense of style. When we first moved to Austin two years ago, it seemed like everyone dressed so hip and cool (think Free People mixed with vintage vibes) and I felt like I needed to fit in and dress that way. But whenever I tried, I didn't feel like myself, and I had this freeing realization that it's perfectly okay to just be me and express myself through my own artistic lens, which is classic and timeless style!

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to take some more risks with how I dress, even if these "risks" just include branching out to a new color or skirt length, but hey progress is progress :) One brand that I've always adored is Rebecca Taylor. Her classic designs mixed with feminine details makes for a timeless approach to dressing that I just love! Her collections always speak to me season after season and I instantly feel like I'm "home" (in a sense) when I look at her clothing. This tweed Rebecca Taylor jacket (old, similar here on SALE!) is a piece that I've had for almost 4 years now and I know I will have it forever. The soft fringe detailing mixed with the leather gives it a slight edginess amidst a timeless look.

The cropped silhouette lends itself to many outfit options, such as wearing it over a black shift dress, or with a high-waisted skirt, but for this look I decided to dress it down with some distressed denim and ballet flats (on sale here). I love it when you can take one piece and pair it back to a variety of looks, making it versatile for multiple occasions. As we're in the middle of the Spring season, I'm sharing some of my favorite Rebecca Taylor pieces of the moment (I'm telling you this collection is on point!). And with Easter rapidly approaching, pretty much all of these dresses would be perfect for your family brunch and other activities you have planned that day!

Thanks for stopping by and following along this journey with me. I'm excited to continue to express my "signature" style with you and become more comfortable in my skin, while trying new things too! xo