Summer Florals + A Day at the Park

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I've mentioned before on the blog that Freddy and I don't get very many days off together in a month. Whenever we do have a day off together, it usually involves running errands of some sort (because grocery shopping + Costco) but we always try to do something FUN together too! Not that strolling through Target isn't fun... This past Sunday we met up with some friends at a local park and enjoyed an outdoor concert--it was so much fun! It was the last concert of the summer season, because after July 1st you're basically going to melt if you're outside longer than 2.5 minutes. Since it was the Sunday before July 4th, they also had a fireworks show, and it was actually one of the better firework shows we've seen! We don't have any plans for the 4th yet, so even if we don't get to see fireworks that night, we got our fix for the week.

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The park where the concert was held wasn't just any park either, it's the Railroad Park! I have so many memories coming here with my parents and friends growing up, and it honestly hasn't changed that much since my childhood. The park has a little merry-go-round (which was playing Disney music and I immediately squealed with excitement upon hearing it) and multiple picnic tables and grills to cook up a delicious meal. The best part though is the train that takes you throughout the entire park. I remember thinking it was so big when I was young, and I felt so cool riding on this giant train! Seeing it on Sunday I realized how small it actually is, but I could picture my 7-year-old self riding that train and feeling so happy. 

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Since I knew we would be outside most of the afternoon I wanted to wear something light but still cute, so I figured it was the perfect time to take my new dress out for a spin. When I first saw it on the J. Crew website I fell in love! I had been saving my gift card for just the right piece, and I knew this was it. I kept my eye on it for about a month because it was still full-price and I wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger. Thankfully at J. Crew, if you're patient for just a few weeks, things eventually go on sale or there is a promotion on everything. As soon as it went on sale (under $100) I clicked "add to cart" and seeing the dress in person once it arrived was way better than I imagined! It's 100% cotton, so it feels so lightweight on and the full, midi skirt is very comfortable--it's such a classic silhouette; I just love it.

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The great thing about J. Crew is I know I always find something I love, so I first add it to my wishlist where I can see if the item is running low in stock. Then I keep an eye out for any promotions or sales--that's always the best time to strike a good deal! There's nothing worse than buying something at full-price and then seeing it get marked down the following week. Next time you shop their store or online, just follow my golden rule: be patient and 9 times out of 10 you'll end up getting the items you love on sale.