Stripes & Ruffles

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In a recent post I talked about my tips for cleaning out your closet. If you saw my Insta stories from yesterday then you know that’s exactly what I was doing! My closet is one of those areas that can get out of hand very quickly if I’m not diligent in putting things back where they should go. I made different sections in my closet for specific pieces (dresses, skirts, tanks, etc.) and organized them by color from light to dark. I recently helped my mom clean out her closet and walked away with a few new pieces to add to my own!

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My mom wasn't really feeling this striped J. Crew tank (similar here) anymore, and I was so happy to take it off her hands! I think it will be the perfect summer staple and go with so many different things. I’m always a sucker for stripes and the ruffle detail at the hem just adds to my obsession. Blue isn’t a color I wear a lot of, though I really do like it, and this top is the perfect way to introduce it into my closet since it’s mostly ivory with pops of blue.

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On my days off you can usually find me wearing jeans since that’s what I feel most comfortable in. This Frame pair (old, similar here) has been one of my favorites since I got them last year. I’m not sure how much longer the cropped flare style will be in but I’m still running with it! I love the relaxed feel they have while the dark wash makes them feel more polished. And of course this spring outfit wouldn’t be complete without my wedges that are so comfortable! I keep talking about how I want to get them in more colors which I haven't done yet, but I love that the blush pink goes with so many of my clothes :) 

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If you're needing some new inspiration or to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank, try raiding a friends closet or doing a trade! I've seen lots of women host events around this where they bring clothes they don't wear/want anymore to someone's home, organize the clothing by size, and then everyone has a shopping party and walks away with new clothes! It's a win/win for everyone :) Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by! xo