Barton Hill Farms

Yesterday Freddy and I drove about 45 minutes outside of Austin to visit the Fall Festival at Barton Hill Farms. We both haven't had a day off together to hang out or go on an adventure in several weeks, so we were eager to get out of the city and do something festive for fall! 

To get there, we drove through some quaint country roads with cows, barns and farm land as far as the eye could see. Definitely a change of scenery from what we both grew up with: desert, desert and more desert! The weather was perfect though to drive with the windows down and crank some tunes. 

We obviously headed for the food first, because when I see a sign for kettle corn I can't be stopped. Unfortunately, they had already sold out! At least I got my hot dog and BBQ chips to satisfy me :) There were lots of people when we arrived, mostly kids running around playing, which was so cute to see. I especially loved the tractor train and the adorable cow cars for the kids! 

The main reason that we decided to make the trip was to pick out some pumpkins for our home. As I was searching for pumpkin patches in the Austin area, Barton Hill Farms came highly rated and offered other activities to enjoy, too. We're so glad we made a day of it and that we got to explore other parts of the farm, like the giant corn maze. 

This was the first time that both of us had ever attempted a corn maze, and to be honest, we were nervous that we would get lost for hours out there and never find our way back. Thankfully, since this is a family activity, they have to make it fairly easy to navigate so that doesn't happen! There were different paths that you could choose to take, and each group had a questioner to guide you through the course. We chose the Halloween themed questions, so when you got to the first post, you would read off question 1, and based on your answer you would turn right or left. With each correct answer you were closer to finding the exit, and with each incorrect answer you would reach a dead end at some point (which we began to realize very quickly!). 

Even though we may not have answered all the questions right, we had so much fun exploring the corn maze together and it was a great first experience for both of us. Maybe it will even be a new tradition for us for years to come. The weather was beautiful in the mid-high 70's, and this lightweight, striped turtleneck from J. Crew was perfect for the occasion. I also wore my Marc Fisher boots, which were great for keeping the dust off my feet from walking through the maze and grassy areas of the farm.

Do you have any favorite fall traditions that you enjoy doing with loved ones? I'd love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Monday!