Memory Lane Monday: Nala Kitty

Happy Monday!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted on the blog; life has been crazy! But in my spare moments, I’ve been able to make some plans for Blushful Belle that I’m excited to share with you! Starting this blogging adventure has been so much fun, and something that I never thought I would do. My hope is that through creating new content, I can help spark some sort of inspiration in your life. Of course, one thing that inspires me in my life is the magical world of Disney. It brings about great nostalgia, and instills a childlike passion in me to never grow up, and also to live life to the fullest. This inspiration will continue to be big part of the blog, but I also plan to incorporate other aspects of my life, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Today, I’m kicking off a new series called Memory Lane Monday, where I will share some of my favorite memories from childhood, as well as adulthood.

Since we have established that I love all things Disney, let’s get one more thing straight: I love cats. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed cat lady, even though I currently don’t own any! Heartbreaking, I know. I grew up with two siamese cat brothers named Calvin and Hobbes, and I adored them with my whole being. And when I say grew up with them, I mean that my parents had them before I was born, so I really didn’t know life without them! They would snuggle in my lap on the couch, let me dress them up, and they would even fall asleep with me in bed almost every night. When they passed away while I was in middle school, I almost couldn’t bear the thought of not hearing meows or purrs in the house. So of course, I begged my parents to let me get another one. When that didn’t work, I had to settle for going to my best friends’ house and playing with her cat, but it wasn’t the same. 

I made it all throughout high school until about a week before my graduation, when I met a new friend: Nala. My best friend and I were hanging out at a local resort one night when we heard a faint “meow” as we were walking to my car. We followed the sound to find the most precious kitty hiding in the bushes. As I mentioned, this was a week before my graduation in May, in Phoenix, which meant that it was still 100 degrees outside and this poor cat had no food or water! So naturally, our cat-loving instincts told us to go to the nearest grocery store ASAP to get a bowl of water and food for our new feline friend. As we spent more time with her that night, something inside me told me that I couldn’t let her stay out there in the summer heat. I decided to come back for her the next day with a cat carrier in tow to rescue her!

As an only child, I respected my parents and pretty much obeyed the rules growing up. So rescuing this cat and bringing her home without telling my parents was a pretty “bold” move for me (yeah, I’m a dare-devil). I had to babysit that same afternoon, so I quickly brought her home and locked her in my room, and went to my babysitting gig, hoping that my parent’s movie would get out after I had gotten home. But of course, that didn't happen either. They got home to find a small, wide-eyed cat in my room with no explanation. I tried to talk up my “good cat-rescuing deed” over the phone, but the initial shock of this random cat was a bit too much for one night. I was so nervous to go home and meet whatever consequences might be in store for me. Turns out, that as they spent some time with Nala, they realized she was a sweet cat and that I really was trying to do the right thing, so I was off the hook! But, unfortunately, since I was moving to LA for college in a mere month, I wouldn’t be able to keep her. I ended up finding a foster home for her, and I will never forget that tearful goodbye after just spending one week with her. Nala will always hold a special place in my heart, and I never regret bringing her home with me that summer day. 

I mean honestly, how could you say no to this adorable fur ball curled up on your bed!?

I mean honestly, how could you say no to this adorable fur ball curled up on your bed!?

Stay tuned later this week as I share a new fashion post inspired by the Disney version of my feline friend!