How I Find Inspiration

Yesterday marked Blushful Belle's 2nd birthday, and wow, time has flown by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday I sat down to write my very first blog post in Austin, TX not knowing where it would take me or what the journey would entail. But that's the fun in it! And most of all, it's something that Freddy and I get to do together and he makes it that much more enjoyable! He is my biggest cheerleader and always encourages me to have fun and try new things with the blog, which I'm so thankful for! 


Over the past two years, I've had my share of posts covering a variety of topics. What started as a Disney-lifestyle blog has transformed into an everyday fashion/lifestyle blog which has allowed me more freedom to cover a multitude of categories. Of course, I still have an obsession for all things Disney and sprinkle that into my posts every now and then when I can. But when it comes to creating content for my posts, I draw inspiration from so many aspects of my life! 


I have been working in the fashion industry for over 5 years now, so I am regularly checking the latest runway shows and that's certainly where a large part of my inspiration comes from for my fashion posts. If it's a particular theme (color, texture, pattern) that a designer is featuring in their collection, I will take note of that and come up with various outfits surrounding those themes that resonate with me. I also love browsing street style photographs on Pinterest! Sometimes I can get into a rhythm of wearing pieces a certain way and I often end up feeling "stuck", making it hard to step outside my styling box. Seeing how other women are wearing various trends/pieces inspires me to take a new approach, and to not be afraid to try something that might seem uncomfortable at first. 


Nature also plays a big part in where I draw inspiration from. I love going outside, taking in my surroundings (more so in the fall and spring seasons due to weather) and being in awe of God's creation. I didn't appreciate the majestic desert mountains while growing up in Arizona, but living here again as an adult gives me a whole new appreciation for them. And since I'm a lover of neutrals, the brown mountains actually inspire me a lot! I can envision different textures coming together in neutral palettes, while maybe even throwing in some Southwestern vibes too. Flowers, the ocean (when we're in Cali) and even wildlife animals ignite a variety of ideas which makes my creative brain run wild with possibilities. 


Sure, there are moments when I have "creative brain block" so to speak, and a week will go by where I'm feeling un-inspired to post anything. I used to beat myself up over this and feel bad about not putting up any fresh content, but then I realized that it's OK to take a break every once in awhile. Rather than torture myself, I use that down time to get inspired again and come up with some new ideas. I'll sit at a coffee shop for a little while and people watch, or go on a hike and get some fresh air. It's refreshing to take a step back and remind myself why I'm doing this, and to remember to enjoy writing my blog posts rather than stress myself out about them. 

Happy Monday everyone! Here's to a great week! xo