Good Eats in Manhattan Beach

Whenever we go on vacation somewhere, it's always fun to try out the local restaurants and enjoy a change of pace from what we're used to. While we were staying in Manhattan Beach earlier this month, we loved exploring the unique restaurants and cafes around town. We stumbled upon many cute places, but there was one particular breakfast & dinner spot that we really loved. Our first stop was at Uncle Bill's Pancake House!

This breakfast joint is truly the "talk of the town" and rightfully so; the breakfast is amazing. Uncle Bill's has been around since the early 1960's, and as soon as you walk in the charming home-turned-restaurant, you feel like family. We sat down at our table around 10:30 and it was definitely busy for a Saturday morning; we could tell that lots of people love going there! They serve your classic, American-style breakfast, but also have some delicious surprises on the menu, like pineapple muffins-yum! The outdoor patio is also a nice spot to enjoy brunch, as well as an ocean breeze. 

If you're looking for a fantastic Mexican meal, look no further than Pancho's. In Texas, we really only have Tex-Mex restaurants, which just isn't the same as traditional Mexican food, so Freddy and I were so excited to go to Pancho's. From the street view, it looks like a small, quaint spot, but once you walk inside you realize that there's an entire level beneath you, and the restaurant is huge! Freddy's family joined us as well, which made it that much more fun to have everyone together. It also seems like a great spot for celebrations; many people there that evening were celebrating birthdays, which was so fun to see! We enjoyed delicious enchiladas, burritos and tostadas, but unfortunately didn't have room for their tres leches cake or deep fried ice cream. Next time we'll know better!

Thanks for reading along today, and Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend :)