Favorite Coffee Spot in Phoenix

One of the things that Freddy and I love to do on our days off together is to grab some coffee and enjoy our surroundings. We have checked out several new coffee spots in the last couple months, but one that we go back to time and time again is The Henry. Whenever I'm there I feel so inspired and relaxed; it has a very homey vibe with gorgeous interiors and a spacious outdoor patio. 

I wouldn't consider myself to be a coffee snob, but I am very particular about how I take my coffee...which is SWEET! I always use the expression that I want "coffee with my cream" and not the other way around. A white mocha is usually my go-to order no matter where I go, or something of that effect if a white mocha isn't on the menu. As long as it has some chocolate and cream involved, I'm a happy camper!

bb-coffee-spots-005 (1 of 1).jpg

Not only does The Henry have amazing coffee, but it's also a full-service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner! I would eat there for every meal if I could ;) If you live in the Phoenix area, or if you're planning a visit soon I highly recommend stopping by. You won't regret it!