Green Florals & Jimmy Choo

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Even though it still feels like we're in the dead of summer here in Phoenix, I'm dreaming of cooler fall days ahead. Once I start to see all of the gorgeous new fall collections come out with their rich hues and bold textures, I'm ready to put all my summer shorts away and pull out my sweaters! Okay, well I clearly can't do that just yet when it's still 100+ degrees outside, but you get my point.

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Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, mainly for the fashion. I love the art of layering and I typically gravitate towards the richer colors that are synonymous with fall collections like deep burgundy and rich camel tones. Forest green and olive green are also some of my favorite shades to wear into fall, and I love wearing them in these transitional pieces like this silk blouse and strappy pair of heels! I bought these heels (available in nude here) in a gorgeous olive green shade a few seasons ago, and they have been so versatile to wear with jeans as well as dresses. Since this color is so prominent this season, I've linked some other great styles below, from wedges to mules!

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This Joie blouse has been one of my all-time favorite pieces I own. I think this was actually the first Joie item I ever bought about 4 years ago! The pops of green throughout the floral-like pattern is what initially drew me to it, and I've been able to pull it out time and time again. It's the top I immediately put on when I want to "feel like fall" without wearing something heavy or bulky! The lightweight, silk fabric makes it ideal for our climate here, and I can dress it up with a pencil skirt for work or dress it down with jeans--truly a win/win! 

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I don't think we'll see the weather change too much over the next month, but in the mean time I'm going to start prepping my fall wardrobe so that when it gets below 80 degrees, I can pull out my sweaters! Growing up in AZ has made me a total wimp when it comes to the "cold", which to me is like 65 degrees haha! What are you most looking forward to this fall? Thanks for stopping by! xo