Bumble Bees in Spring

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Can you believe we're already halfway through April? I feel like we just celebrated Easter yesterday! We're that much closer to summer and I honestly don't know where the time went! When I was in school I used to look forward to summer so much because it usually meant beating the heat and going on vacations to California or elsewhere. Now it just means working a ton and living in 110 degree weather... Although we do have one trip planned in June that I'm so excited for. We are going to Chicago for the first time to visit some of our great friends! I can't wait to explore the city and eat all the things.

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In one of my posts last week I talked about some advice I was taking from one of my blogger friends, which was about re-wearing items that I've already posted about. It may seem simple, or maybe even silly, but I always struggle with the desire to post new outfits. Maybe one day that will be my life, but it most certainly isn't right now. Plus, I honestly could be over-thinking this a lot. The last time I wore this button-up blouse on the blog was almost a year ago exactly! And the print is so fun and makes me happy, so I don't know why I don't wear it more often. I got it at Target when they launched their collection with Victoria Beckham, along with a few other cute items. 

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Pretty soon though I won't be able to wear any more long sleeve tops; it will just be too dang hot! I have seen some really cute linen styles though that I might be able to work with, like this striped one and this gingham one. I'm trying to soak up these last "semi-cool" days before we get into triple digits. The mornings and evenings have been pretty nice lately, being in the 70s. We have been able to sleep with the windows open and keep our A/C off which has been lovely! Since the weather is going to be incredibly hot soon, I'm shifting my focus to skirts and dresses! I feel like they are the most ideal thing to wear (and the easiest) when the last thing you want to have on are tight-fitting clothes. What's your favorite thing to wear when the weather warms up? I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! xo

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