The Accessory I Never Knew I Needed

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Hats have never been a thing for me. I never paid much attention to them when I saw them in stores and always felt that I didn't look good in them. I loved how they looked on other people, especially the felted wool ones that scream fall and winter. I pretty much have always strayed away from hats for my entire life...until now! Over the past couple months as I've been dreaming of fall weather (and perusing Pinterest for outfit inspo) I've come across so many pictures of women wearing these amazing hats and I felt it was time to let go of my weariness for hats and just try them.

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I had been eyeing this blush pink one for a little over a month, and of course the color was what immediately caught my attention! Blush is definitely my favorite color, but more than that it's my favorite neutral shade that I love to wear with pretty much anything. I felt like there was so much potential in terms of what colors I could wear the hat with, like shades of green, blue, gray, taupe, black, white and of course, pink! Not to mention the outfit possibilities from dresses and skirts to a casual jeans (the pair I'm wearing is on sale + under $100!) and a tee, like I'm wearing here! 

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When I first tried it on, I actually liked the style on me! Which was a first haha. I had to look in the mirror for a loooong time so I could get used to seeing myself in a hat. It was like I was seeing a new person in front of me! One of the tricky parts was figuring out what size I was. This is a Brixton hat which comes in sizes XS-L. I have never really known what size my head is because after avoiding hats all my life I've never needed to know! I started with a small which felt pretty loose, so I put on the XS and it was a perfect fit. 

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One of the other details I love about this hat is the grosgrain ribbon around the base of the hat. And I can't forget about my other favorite's only $58! As I've been browsing the web for different felted wool hats, I've seen a fair share that are $150 and over. I'm not quite ready to invest that much in a hat, since I'm just getting into this whole hat-wearing business, but I love that Brixton offers a wide variety of affordable and trendy hats for each season. 

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I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of dressing by incorporating this accessory that pulls an outfit together and makes it more fun to get dressed in the morning! Tell me, are you a hat lady? Let me know in the comments! xo