Blue Midi Skirt

Happy Saturday! I can't believe it's already the weekend; this week has flown by so fast! So fast in fact that I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen :) But I think it's okay when things don't always work out as we have planned. That's just part of life and sometimes we just need to roll with it and in the midst of that, we might discover a new appreciation for something, or a new perspective. I'll admit that I love to tackle the day with my to-do list in hand ready to check everything off my list, but rather than enjoying the little moments each day as to offer, I realized that I'm rushing around trying to make sure everything gets done that I'm missing out on those simple joys.

It's so important to just take a break when you're feeling overwhelmed or overworked. I can be a bit stubborn at times and try to force myself to work through those moments with my eye on the prize (a completed to-do list!), but wouldn't I get the same result with less stress if I just took a few moments to get some fresh air, or closed my eyes and took a deep breath? These are just some of the thoughts swimming around in my head as I prepare for the week ahead and try to unwind this weekend.

While I am trying to step out of my comfort zone with my work flow and embrace unforeseen obstacles, I am doing the same with my style. When I see other women wearing the midi skirt trend I think, "Wow I wish I could pull that off!", but have always felt like I'm not tall enough to rock it. I took the first step last year and bought this Tibi skirt (in white here, similar here and here), and ever since then it's been hanging out in my closet staring me in the face every morning when I get dressed. Isn't that beyond silly?! So I went out on a limb this week and decided to actually wear the skirt...

And you know what happened next? I loved wearing something different and had a ball twirling around in my "new" midi skirt! It's made out of a cotton poplin fabric which is perfectly lightweight, and the pleating throughout gives it added volume and movement. See any similarities between this and last week's post in my yellow blouse? I wish I had this discovery of trying new things a long time ago! Now when I hesitate I'll try not to hold back and just go for it. In the wise words of Gazelle in Zootopia, "Try Everything"! What have I got to lose? 

Do you enjoy trying new things? Is there something new you've been wanting to do but haven't had the courage to pursue it? Send me a message or leave me a comment! I hope you have a beautiful weekend; Freddy and I are celebrating an anniversary of sorts--we met 6 years ago today and our lives haven't been the same since! :) xo