An Update On My Fitness Journey


If you are following me on Instagram then you may have noticed I started the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout program about 2 weeks ago! A few other bloggers I follow are also doing it, which made me look into it more and helped me decide to take the leap and start it. So far I am really loving it! Being only a couple weeks in I'm still in the "excitement" phase with trying something new, but I'm really going to push myself to stick with it. This is how I usually am with new workout routines...I'll be excited and totally into it for the first few weeks and then get bored and give up. Does anyone else get that way?! I'm hoping though that since this is a specifically designed program with different moves and targeted areas for each day, it keeps things interesting and you're not doing the same thing over and over again. 

The program is 3 days a week and the workouts are really only 30 minutes which is totally doable! If I can't commit to at least 30 minutes a day then I really have a problem... All of the moves are easy to follow and I've been feeling the burn the next day so I know my body is working hard and improving. My main goal with starting the program is to get stronger and have a more active lifestyle overall. I've woken up early on several of my days off these past 2 weeks to do my workout which is a huge deal for me! And Freddy can vouch for me lol. I'm the type of person that needs 8-10 hours of sleep to be a functioning human being haha, and I normally sleep in until 9am or later when I don't have to get up for work or go to a morning appointment. So the fact that I've woken up at 7:30 to do my workouts means that something is working with this new program! 

As I've mentioned in previous posts, one of my favorite ways to stay motivated during my fitness programs is new workout clothes! Of course, this should not be your only way to stay motivated, but I feel that every now and then it's a fun way to reward yourself for staying the path and working hard! So I have a confession to make...I have never tried on anything from Lululemon. Now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel so much better! It's not that I haven't wanted to, but I guess I just haven't understood the hype and why a pair of yoga pants is over $100. I've been browsing their website lately and I will say they have some really cute prints and colors in their sports bras and pants, so one day when I can afford to spend that kind of money on activewear then I will probably become a Lulu addict ;) 

My go-to athletic brands over the years have been Nike and Zella from Nordstrom. I love the fit and quality of their pieces and feel that they are reasonably priced. I have a Zella top that I've owned for literally 4 years and it still looks brand new; no pilling or seams coming undone! I also love Nike sports bras--the fit is great and they don't feel super bulky. One of my favorite items to look for is fun yoga pants with either some cut-out detail or a cool pattern. I've linked some pieces that I'm currently loving right now and I hope you do too! I'm excited to continue to share my BBG progress with you guys and stick with it. Please feel free to message me or tweet me to see how it's will help hold me accountable! xo