A Fuzzy Fleece Pullover

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Despite how unbearably hot our summers are here in Phoenix, I will gladly endure them to enjoy these mild winters that we have. There are some days when I don’t feel that they are “mild” (because I’m a wimp and 60 degrees is just too cold for me!), but after last week’s crazy weather where 75% of the country experienced below freezing temperatures, I’ve become insanely grateful for our 60 degree weather! One of my best friends lives in Chicago and she was telling me about how cold it was, and posted a video of frost on the inside of the windows in their apartment! I’m not even sure how I would begin to live in that kind of weather, let alone dress myself to go outside.

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There are certainly times when I want to be in a winter wonderland and play in the snow, for maybe a few days max. I can see myself walking around with a cup of hot chocolate, taking in the sights of the snowy landscape, but living in that freezing weather for months on end would be so hard for me. Growing up in the desert has definitely made me prefer to be warm rather than cold, hence why even 60 degrees is too cold for me! 

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Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about winter, and this fuzzy pullover sweatshirt (currently on sale for under $50!) is about the heaviest layer I need here in the desert. It’s hands-down my favorite thing to put on when I get home from work and want to get comfy and cozy. It’s also my favorite thing to put on in the morning when I’m freezing (like I said, I’m a wimp!) or if I’m making a run to Target or Sprouts…basically it’s my favorite thing to wear right now—I never want to take it off! It also comes in 4 colors, which makes me want to have one in every color! 

What’s the weather like where you live? Do you have a favorite cozy sweatshirt that you like to wear when it’s cold outside?