Summer In An Outfit

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I've always felt that Memorial Day is the official kick-off of summer. Most schools are out by this point, and everyone is usually enjoying the great outdoors with a barbecue or a swim at the pool/beach. So, since it's already summer in my book (despite what the calendar says) I decided to put together a fun look to celebrate the occasion! Because if lemons and a good, gingham print don't say summer, then what does!?

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I've lamented my lack of a summer vacation on the blog before, because I would love nothing more than to just peace out from the triple digit temps and hang out at the beach for the next 3 months :) I feel like Instagram can be deceiving in that way, because it looks like everyone is going on multiple summer vacations to exotic locations, and I'm over here like...can I come!? Freddy and I do have one vacation planned this summer, and it starts this weekend! We are visiting some of our great friends in Chicago and it's our first time in the city! We've had this trip planned for a couple months now, so it's exciting that it's finally here. If you have any recommendations please let me know, although my friend is a master scheduler, so I'll need to consult her and see if there's time to squeeze other activities in haha!

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What do your summer plans look like? Do you like to stay local or do you enjoy planning trips? Let me know where you're headed in the comments, it may just be a place I need to add to my list!