Peace In The Midst Of Trials

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It's been a week since my last blog post, and what a week it has been! You know how the saying goes...we're never guaranteed tomorrow, and over the past year I've realized more and more how true that is. You may have seen my post on Instagram earlier this week referring to my dad and his cancer journey he's been on for the past year. I have only talked about this briefly before on my blog; I'm normally pretty introverted and don't open up too much about personal things going on in my life, but I'm trying to be a bit more open than I normally am, because after all my blog is my online journal! 

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I've always found it hard to focus on work and on the blog when there are trials going on in my life, especially with my loved ones! I mean, that's pretty normal right?! When my dad was first diagnosed with brain cancer last January, I took a step back from blogging to focus on family and moving back to Arizona. When Freddy had his appendix out last August, I put the blog on hold for a couple weeks to spend time with him and make sure he was recovering okay. I didn't even think twice about it because I knew that's what I needed to do at that time. Just this past January when my dad had a seizure and was hospitalized, I put everything on hold to spend time with him and help my mom with things that needed to get done. Life started to feel like it was back to "normal" and then the unexpected happens, like it did this past Sunday. I suppose that's what happens in life--we can never predict what's going to happen, but God knows and I've learned even more how important it is to lean on Him for peace and comfort. 

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During these times I wonder how business owners continue to run their business while going through hardships. For me, I feel like everything comes to a halt and I can't multi-task and focus on work or the blog when I go through hard times. I guess I'm still learning how to navigate this phase; it's like I almost feel guilty for working because all of my energy isn't dedicated to the current situation at hand. I think partly why I feel this way is because I'm not completely letting go and letting God take over. There's no sense in me worrying because He already has everything under control (Matthew 6:25-34) and there's nothing I can do to change what's going on--all I can do is continue to pray and trust that God is at work! Plus, I've been re-reading some of my dad's past blog posts which has been helping me stay encouraged; he has an unwavering faith in God despite the trials that he's gone through, and he knows that he is in the palm of God's hand! 

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My work schedule this past week has allowed me to spend more time with my dad in the hospital which has been great! He's been getting better each day which is so great to see, and he has a wonderful team of doctors working with him. But what my dad has been reminding us all of, is that he is being cared for by the Ultimate Healer, and it doesn't get better than that! I hope you all have a great weekend; hug your loved ones tight and never pass up an opportunity to tell them how much you love them! xo