Swimwear Picks For Summer

I know Spring still hasn't officially arrived, but now that May is only 2 months away it has me so excited for summer! I love the nostalgic feeling that summer brings, with having nowhere to be and a full 3 months of freedom. I wish that still existed. Sometimes I wish I could quit my job and travel with Freddy for the summer and go all over the world! Maybe one day... :) In the meantime, I'm dreaming of long summer days at the beach and wearing all these cute swimsuits! It's also motivation for me to continue my fitness routine and stay on top of it. You'll notice a theme with some of the suits I picked out...off-the-shoulder and one-pieces! I've always hated one pieces but now there are SO many cute options I'm loving them right now! What are some of your favorite swimsuit styles? Let me know in the comments! xo