Off the Shoulder and Bell Sleeves

Since moving back to Scottsdale almost 2 months ago to the day (I still can't believe it!) we have loved revisiting some of our former, favorite hang-out spots. It's strange to say this, but just thinking about our time in Austin, TX almost feels like a dream. We didn't enjoy living there like we thought we would. We were far away from our families, we didn't know anyone when we moved, we started new jobs and it was just a lot to handle at first. Now that we are so happy to be back in Arizona, it's completely night and day how our moods have changed! However, despite how unhappy we were there, I'm so thankful for the experience, the people I met, and especially because it's where I was inspired to start this blog! Sometimes we have to go through seasons of doubt and hardships before experiencing the beauty on the other side of that; I learned a lot about patience and trusting in God's timing rather than my own. 

While there are a lot of places that we love going to, one that we always enjoy is Market Street at DC Ranch, located in North Scottsdale. While we were on our way up to my parent's house for dinner (love that we can do this again!) this past Sunday, we decided to stop there and check out some of the local shops and sights. It's a very quaint area, especially on a Sunday afternoon. You'll find lots of people walking their dogs or sitting on their patios, enjoying the weather before you can't even think of being outside anymore. You can find a variety of amazing local restaurants too, serving cuisine that ranges from pizza to tacos!

When we're running around town, jeans are my go-to, so I'm always looking for fun tops to switch things up. Ever since I can remember, I've been a sucker for stripes. Whether they're bold, minimal, multicolored or neutral, I just love them. And when I spotted them on this blouse at Nordstrom (also available in black here). I couldn't resist! This is the first off-the-shoulder top I've purchased this season, and I'm sure it won't be the last either! It's such a lightweight cotton which is perfect for our warmer temps. Plus, the bell sleeves and tunic style doesn't make it feel clingy, because that's the last thing you want when it's 100+ degrees outside.

With Easter coming up in just a few days we are looking forward to spending the day with family! It will just be the two of us and my parents, and we are glad to have some down time and celebrate the special day together! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday :) Have a great day!