Gifts For Her (aka Treat Yo Self)

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Can you believe Christmas is a week from today?! I seriously don't know where the time went. It feels like just yesterday I was making my homemade apple pie on Thanksgiving! This is my favorite time of the year and I wish it didn't go by so quickly. I love listening to Christmas music and enjoying all of the beautiful holiday decorations all over town. In years past, this is the time that I'm scrambling to get the last of my gifts purchased and sent out in the mail, praying they'll arrive in time for Christmas. This year though, I'm proud to say that everyone is checked off my list! It feels so nice to not stress about waiting in a ridiculously long line at the Post Office. Now, what should one do with that extra time on their hands? As my friends Tom and Donna would say..."TREAT YO SELF!" (anyone else a 'Parks & Rec' fan?) 

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Don't get me wrong, when I'm out gift shopping I'm 100% focused on buying items for those special people on my list...until I see that fabulous sweater on sale plus an extra 25% off. I know I'm not alone in this, right!? ;) Sometimes it's fun to indulge even just a little and treat yourself to a small (or big) gift while you're finishing up the last bit of your holiday shopping. So go ahead, buy the shoes that will be the perfect addition to your NYE outfit--you have my permission! The only catch is you have to show me what goodies you find, because I'm about to share a few of my favorite things that are perfect for a 'treat yo self' kind of day! Happy Shopping! xo




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