Packing for Disneyland

Today's the day we leave for California! It's funny when you book a vacation months and months prior and you feel like it's so far away, but once it finally arrives it's such an exciting feeling! In today's post I'm sharing what I am packing specifically for the Disneyland portion of our trip, which of course includes a lot of themed items, so read on to see what's in my bag...

This Mickey & Minnie sweatshirt is one of my tried-and-true favorites, and it's so incredibly comfy and lightweight. It's perfect for a cooler evening at the parks, and packs very well in a backpack, not taking up too much room. If you have a lightweight sweatshirt, this is ideal for a night at the parks. 

Wearing the right shoes is a very important factor in your overall experience, and everyone has different needs/preferences. I have worn a variety of shoes in the past, from flip flops, to flats, to Nike's and Toms. This year I plan to wear my Nike's on one day and Toms on the other. I love that Toms don't require socks, so my feet don't get hot, and if they get wet on a ride they dry much more quickly than if I were wearing a traditional sneaker. I've always found Toms very comfortable, even after a long day of walking!

Any outfit just wouldn't be complete without a lanyard full of pins! No shame in that whatsoever. I've been collecting pins for about 15 years now, and I love picking out new ones every time we go to Disneyland! Each one is unique and it's fun to think back to when you bought them and to see how your collections grows. Maybe one day I'll be like those intense collectors who have multiple binders filled with pins upon pins....maybe. 

Of course a variety of Disney shirts to choose from are a must. I recently bought a couple new ones from Uniqlo for the first time, and I am so impressed with how soft they are! Plus they are such a steal compared to theme park prices. My advice? Stock up on these before your trip and save some $$$! 

I also can't forget my trusty sunglasses, Minnie Mouse ear buds, and iPad stocked with plenty of Disney music and movies to get me through the plane ride. 

And I'm sure a new TsumTsum, or two or three, will find it's way into my suitcase before we head back home...

I can't wait to share our pictures with you! Follow along our California adventures (pun intended) on my Instagram and Twitter to get a taste of some Disney magic! 

Have a great Wednesday!