Cozy Living, Apartment Edition

Freddy and I have been soaking up apartment living for almost 3 years now, and while we have tried our best to enjoy it over the years, we definitely can't wait until we can buy a house! Apartments definitely have their perks, like having maintenance on speed dial when there's an issue, or being able to walk to the indoor gym in less than 2 minutes, but there's also some downsides too. My biggest complaints usually fall somewhere between not having enough storage space, and not being able to truly make it feel like "ours" by painting walls or rearranging the layout. With that being said, today's post is all about simple ways that you can make your small living space feel cozy, like a home would, without having to do anything drastic! 

Having fresh flowers scattered throughout our apartment is definitely my favorite way to liven up the space and put a smile on my face! They smell great, and having gorgeous pops of color throughout our little abode definitely make it feel more homey. I also like to leave little trinket dishes on my nightstand or by the door with some of my favorite jewelry pieces. Most of them have a story tied to them, so whenever I see them it reminds me of a special place and time, making me feel at peace.

Candles are my second weakness when it comes to decorating our place; you can never have too many candles lying around, right? They definitely add to the cozy element, and having a yummy fragrance wafting throughout all the rooms is comforting. Voluspa makes some of my favorite scents, like Vervaine Olive Leaf (clean, refreshing), French Cade Lavender (soothing, relaxing) and Aurantia & Blackberry (flowery, fruity). Plus, the tins/containers they come in are too pretty to toss when you're candle is done; I save mine to use as vases or containers for little trinkets (i.e. thumbtacks, paper clips, miscellaneous gift cards, etc). 

Of course having framed pictures displayed throughout your apartment can definitely make it feel more like a home, giving it a unique, personal touch. I love seeing all of the pictures of Freddy and I from when we were first dating, our engagement session, our wedding day, and all the adventures in between! I also have a few other special mementos, like this framed calligraphy art of our wedding vows. It's still one of our favorite wedding gifts that we received!  Now we just need more space to put everything ;)

Even though we only enjoy 900 square feet of space, I'm learning to enjoy this place we get to call home and make the most of it. The grass is always greener on the other side, and one day when we do have a house, I want to look back on the first years of our marriage that we spent in our various apartments and say that we had fun and made a lot of memories there. I hope you enjoyed some of these tips, and that they can help you to enjoy the little moments each day brings! xo