Growing up I was hooked on the TV show “What Not to Wear”. I remember watching it with my mom on the weekends and soaking up all of the styling tips from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. This show helped plant the seed for my love and appreciation of fashion. As I’ve gotten older my style has evolved and changed many times, but I have to admit, that’s what I love about fashion: it’s always changing and it’s an incredible way to express yourself. Everyone has their own unique style, and my hope is to encourage you to find yours! Take a spin in a floral, midi dress even though stripes are more your thing. Slip on those edgy, studded ankle boots that you never would have dreamed of wearing. Or maybe you opt for a bold color combo of mustard yellow and Tiffany blue, just because you’re feeling confident! Fashion has no limits as long as you don’t give it any—have fun with it and keep exploring until you discover a style that’s true to yourself.