Snow White Ballet

Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It's to the ballet we go! 

On Sunday, my husband and I went to see Ballet Austin's production of Snow White, and we had a blast! We bought the tickets a couple months ago, so I had been eagerly awaiting the day we would finally get to go. The theatre had a very intimate setting, with maybe only 10-15 rows in the entire room. We were in the 4th row, so we got to see every detail up close--it almost felt like we were on stage with the performers! But, in a theatre of this size, every seat offers a great view.

The ballet followed the Grimm Brothers' story of Snow White, opening with a scene of the King mourning the loss of his wife, while cherishing his precious baby, Snow. While holding her, he danced and swayed, admiring his beautiful daughter and taking in every detail of her. You could sense that he so desperately wished his wife was there too. Once Snow White became older, the King had re-married, thus there was a new Queen to rule over the household, and the kingdom. As she came onto the scene with her dark, foreboding presence, she and the King entered into a dance in which she entranced him into a love affair, that eventually lead to his death. You all know how the rest of the story plays out, but I will say one of my favorite parts of the production was when Snow White and the prince met in the forest. It almost reminded me of "Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. At first meet, Snow was afraid to get to know this stranger in the woods, but as they danced together you could see them them falling in love with such a sweet innocence. 

Another favorite moment of mine & my husbands was seeing all the adorable little kids dressed up! Some were in Snow White costumes, while others wore their best ballet attire. The cutest little girl was sitting in front of us with her mom, and she kept "whispering" to her, asking her questions like, "Is that the Evil Queen mom?" and "Why is Snow White sleeping?". She was so precious!

The show lasted about an hour, and since the theatre is in the heart of downtown, we decided to grab dinner. We had so much fun walking around the city and enjoying the crisp fall air that we are fully embracing! It was such a unique experience to see this production so up close, and we would love to do it again! Ballet Austin is putting on a production of Cinderella in May that we can't wait to see! Until then, we will most likely see the Nutcracker next month; a lovely Christmas tradition that doesn't get old.