Memory Lane Monday: Summer Vibes

I can't believe August is already here, with the days of summer slowly slipping away. This past weekend I was reflecting on what summer meant to me growing up, and reminiscing on those sweet moments. I remember being in school when May would finally come around, and feeling so excited for summer to officially begin. Having three months of freedom and adventure ahead of me was so exhilarating; the possibilities of what summer could hold were endless. Whether it was staying up all night at sleepovers with friends eating popcorn and watching movies, or spending a day at the beach in San Diego, or even just doing absolutely nothing because you could. 

I have so many fun summer memories that I wish I could relive, like the time my dad and I took surfing lessons together in Hawaii after my first year of college. Or the time my best friend and I danced in the middle of an Arizona monsoon storm and got completely soaked. Or the days when my husband and I would hang out at the park when we first started dating, laying on a blanket beneath the trees reading books, and talking about the future. I love that there can be so much promise and excitement in one season, and as school begins again and people start to get back into their daily routines, there are so many great memories to look back on. 

Now my summers look a lot different in this season of life, with working full time and not really being able to take a true "summer vacation", but I will always love thinking back on those great memories with family and friends, and I can't wait to create even more in the years to come. And speaking of reminiscing...make sure to set your DVR's to record tomorrow's MTV special of The Hills 10th Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 10 years since the show aired, and I'm so excited to see what everyone's been up to. 

Be sure to check out my Summer Pinterest board for some inspiration to get you through the month of August!

Happy Monday! Make it a great week.