Some Thoughts As I Approach My 27th Birthday

Does 27 still count as being in my “mid-twenties”? I’m not quite ready to face the reality of being in my late twenties! With each passing year I feel like time flies even more quickly, and it’s hard to believe I’ll be celebrating my 27th year tomorrow! This past year I’ve been especially aware of how precious life is and my desire has grown to live each day to the full. However, I feel that this is easier said than done.

Freddy and I have so many BIG dreams that we so badly want to see come to fruition; for example, we would love for the blog to be our full-time gig so that we are able to travel the world together and go on new adventures! We also have dreams of flipping houses and bringing new life to neighborhoods in our community that need some TLC. We have struggled over the past year and a half to figure out how to make these dreams a reality in a feasible way. I constantly feel like we are in this vicious cycle—we go to our jobs that we dislike to make money to pay our bills, maintain our health benefits and to try and pay off our car bills so that we don’t have any outstanding debt. Obviously, this is very normal and how the world works, but the thing is, we don’t want “normal” by the worlds standards! We would love so much to make our own schedules and not have to rely on someone else (aka our bosses) to decide if and when we can take vacation time. And for me specifically, to be able to take at least a week off during Christmas would be a dream come true! I’ve never been able to spend Freddy’s birthday with him (Christmas Eve baby) in our entire relationship/marriage—it makes me so upset!

Have you every felt such a strong desire to change your circumstances but just haven’t known how to go about doing it? One thing that has remained such a crucial part of our marriage as we talk through these dreams of ours is prayer! While we may not have the jobs we desire right now or a house we own, we have so much to be grateful to God for. We have each other (obvi! That’s a big one!), we have jobs that pay for our bills and allow us to go on a couple trips a year, one of them being Disneyland of course! And we have family nearby to spend time with. We seek God for His guidance in our lives, but above all we thank Him for all that He has provided because at the end of the day, we really don’t have anything to complain about.

During this 27th year I want to make our dreams a reality. Do I know how to do that? Definitely not! But I read a post by Julianne Hough recently (she is SO inspiring! If you don’t follow her on Insta then hop to it!) and it just captured my soul! She said, “We have the power within us to create whatever life we want! We may have our ups and downs and not know “how” to do it, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t worth it. Stay on the course of being true to you, visualizing what you want, and WHY you want it, and the HOW will figure itself out. Have faith in yourself that only you know what’s possible!” There’s a little mid-week motivation for you and me :) Happy Wednesday my friends! xo