Life Update

Hello friends! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written a post--we've been on quite the adventure and now that things have settled down a bit I feel that it's the right time to sit down and share with you all that has happened in the past few weeks. Last week, Freddy and I moved back to Scottsdale, AZ and we couldn't be happier that we are home now! I mentioned in a post at the beginning of this year that we were feeling a bit restless living in Austin, and that it wasn't really the right fit for us. We were struggling with the thought of moving back to Arizona again and "resuming" our lives there, or venturing out into another new state like Colorado or even California. But after a series of events had occurred at the end of January, we knew without a doubt that we were supposed to move back to AZ. 

At the end of last month, I had gotten a call from my mom, one that I was not prepared for (no one can really prepare for a call such as this.) My dad was in the hospital and they had discovered a brain tumor. There was still so much uncertainty surrounding his condition, but surgery was absolutely needed to attempt to remove the brain tumor. This all happened just days before our planned trip to Florida for my dear friends' wedding, and since I was in the bridal party, my mom insisted that we continue with our plans to go. My dad was in the doctor's care, and ultimately God's hands; all we could do was pray and trust that He was in control of the situation. 

It was on the day of finding all of this out that we made the decision to move. God made it so clear where we were supposed to be; after a year of praying and longing for Him to make it known to us where we were supposed to live, He answered, and obviously not in a way that we were expecting. God works in mysterious ways, and although we never hoped for this to be the reason that brought us back to Arizona, we still felt so much peace about moving back and just knew that this was God's plan.

Thankfully, the surgeon was able to remove the tumor entirely from his brain, and they were able to catch it very early on. After a couple weeks of waiting and more praying, testing revealed that the tumor was in fact cancerous. Whenever I had heard about cancer before, I knew it was scary. You always hope that it is something that you will never have to encounter on a personal level. However, despite all of the uncertainty and how nervous I am about everything, I have felt such a peace from God that I wasn't truly expecting in a time like this. I know and believe that He is in control, that He is the Ultimate Healer and that He is with us. 

We drove into town on Valentine's Day (which also happens to be Arizona's birthday!), and we immediately felt right at home! It feels so nice being close to my parents again, and I definitely took time with them for granted when we lived here a couple years ago. I love the mountains and how majestic they are, I love the smell of the palo verde trees when they are in bloom, and I LOVE freeways that have 4+ lanes to drive in--something else I took for granted! But most of all, I love the time I get to spend with my family; it is precious.

The road that lies ahead will not be easy, but we know that we can trust in our Lord and Savior to be with us and guide us each step of the way. Thank you for following along this journey with me. I'm excited to continue blogging and sharing our Arizona adventures with you guys!