One Year of Blogging

Today is a very special day for me, as this day marks one year of my blogging adventure with Blushful Belle! I honestly had never given much thought to blogging before I began, and thought that it was something that other women (and men) did that I just wasn’t cut out for. I didn’t think that I was creative enough, or had strong writing skills to produce posts on a weekly basis that people would enjoy. Despite my fears and worries, I am SO glad that I took the jump and I’ve been having so much fun doing it!

If you have been reading from the beginning (and if you have, seriously, THANK YOU!) you may remember that this primarily started out as a Disney blog. All of my travel, food and fashion posts were centered around this theme, and I kept up with it for the first 4-5 months. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love Disney and will admit that I have an obsession with everything related to it! But, as I kept thinking of post content, I felt as if I was stumbling over the “Disney” aspect of it. Certain things felt forced, like I was trying to make everything relate back to Disney somehow. If I’m being honest, I do like other things that don’t revolve around it :) and once I accepted that I wasn’t going to keep up with a Disney-inspired blog, I felt this huge weight lift off my shoulders, and it was amazing! I felt more freedom to explore other content ideas, and I was so excited about the endless possibilities. Every now and then, you will still probably see me post some Disney-related stories (especially since we are taking a trip to Disneyland in just a few weeks--yay!), but I’m glad to not have that constraint on my content anymore. 

This was my first Disney fashion post, Dalmatian Plantation, which you can view  here .

This was my first Disney fashion post, Dalmatian Plantation, which you can view here.

If you have ever considered starting a blog but haven’t had a clue where to start, or have felt too nervous to even begin typing, you’re not alone! Questions might be flooding through your head like…What do I have to say that anyone could possibly care about? Who is even going to read this? Will anyone even find my blog? What if people don’t like it? I can say that’s how I felt at the beginning. Once you take that first step, it’s such an exhilarating experience (and it gets kind of addicting too!) and is so much fun. As long as you’re doing something that you love and enjoy, that’s all that matters!

From my very  first post ; feeling nervous but excited!

From my very first post; feeling nervous but excited!

I’m so thankful to have had the support of my husband, Freddy, over the past year as well! He has been cheering me on from the beginning and encouraging me to think outside the box and to dream even bigger. He is the man behind the camera, my best friend and my biggest fan! There are some nights when I come home from work so exhausted, feeling uninspired and unsure of what to even talk about for a post. But he sits there with me and helps me plan out my week, and we brainstorm through the night until we have a game plan. He has also spent countless hours learning how to use our DSLR and experimenting with different settings until he gets the shot. I'm so amazed by his determination and dedication to help me with this dream of mine; I honestly couldn’t do this without his love and support, and I am so thankful God blessed me with him. 

I can’t end this post without saying a huge THANK YOU to my readers! If you are reading this right now, know that I am so humbled by your continued support and encouragement. This has been quite the journey, and I know it’s only just beginning! I’m excited to see where the Lord takes us on this adventure, and I am grateful that you all will be following right along with us! Here’s to many more years and dreams come true. The best is yet to come.