South Congress Cafe

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went out for a date night, which we hadn't done in awhile! Life gets so busy sometimes and we get caught up with differing work schedules, errands, other commitments etc., that it can get hard to make time to go out every now and then. But I think it's super important to keep dating, even in marriage! 

We decided to check out South Congress Cafe after receiving many recommendations from co-workers and friends. I love the distressed, industrial look of their front door. 

The interior was very bright and welcoming with the pops of orange and light streaming through the windows. We didn't really eat lunch that day, so we decided on an early dinner, and we were starving by the time we sat down! And it was nice to have most of the restaurant to ourselves. 

I started off with their Cucumber Pear Lemonade, which was so refreshing! I'm definitely not a drinker; I have yet to find a beer, wine, or anything else that I really like. So, when we go out, I usually order sparkling water with a lime, or maybe a Coke. But I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try out this spiked drink, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how delicious it was! If I hadn't eaten any of the food, I would go back just for that drink--but good news is their food is definitely worth going back for too.

The first appetizer we ordered was the crab cakes. I'm a super fan of crab, so if you batter it up with bread crumbs and deep fry it then I'm one happy camper! Even Freddy liked them, and he's not typically into seafood. Dinner was off to a fabulous start! 

Next up was ceviche, also just as delicious. I enjoyed the unique pairing with the thin tortilla strips. Their light and flaky texture was the perfect combination with the citrusy, seafood compote. 

Our third, yes third, appetizer was the warm goat cheese salad. Freddy will be the first to tell you that my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I will always try to deny it. When I see so many amazing options on a menu, I can't choose just one! It's something I'm working on...but in this case I'm so glad I went for it and ordered three appetizers :) Anyway, the salad was superb and I have no regrets. Those gooey goat cheese medallions were the bomb, topped with that prosciutto...I need to stop or else I won't finish this post and just drive there to order another salad. 

By the time our entree came out I had to convince myself that I wasn't getting full. We ordered one of their evening specials, the filet mignon on a bed of red potatoes, topped with mushrooms and asparagus. I think I've said enough, and again, no regrets about ordering so much food. We forced ourselves to make room in our stomachs for one last bite!

Needless to say, we weren't up to the dessert challenge. We had had enough! To be honest, it was one of the most delicious dinners I've ever had. I wasn't expecting it to be that amazing, but now I know why so many people were telling us to go there. And supposedly, their brunch is out of this world. Looks like we'll be going back very soon to try that out too!

If you're in Austin, this place is a must see! And if you're not, then I'm sorry I just tortured you. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Let me know in the comments! We love traveling, and great food is always the perfect excuse to check out a new city!

Have a great weekend!