Blue Cat Cafe

Last weekend Freddy and I finally went to Austin's local cat cafe, and I fell in love! I've been wanting to check out Blue Cat Café for several months, but we just hadn't gone (probably because Freddy was worried I would adopt all the cats!). If you aren't familiar with what the concept is, it's basically a place you can go to get coffee or food, and hang out with some adorable kitties, aka the best thing ever! And all of the cats are adoptable! We went on a Sunday morning soon after they opened, so it was pretty quiet at first, but that made it nice to get a feel for the space and not feel overwhelmed with a lot of people and cats everywhere. 

As soon as we sat down at our table, a friendly orange tabby named Charles found a seat right on Freddy's lap. He was so content that he didn't even move for a whole hour! We didn't mind though. He was so calm and relaxed, and you could tell he loved the attention! 

We ordered coffee and nachos (weird combination, I know) while we were there, but I was hardly paying attention to the food with all of the adorable cats around me! I kept getting up to make new friends, which is kind of the point right? I grew up with two Siamese cats, and they died when I was in middle school. I haven't owned any cats since then and have been begging my husband to let us get one (or two, or three) for the past 5 years! It was really hard to not adopt all of these precious cats while we were there. 

We are so glad that we finally checked out Blue Cat Café, and we hope to make it a regular hang out spot. If you're in Austin and you love cats, this is a must see! I'm also hoping when we go back that Charles is still there; he's so fun to hang out with! 

Have a great weekend!