A Spring-Ready Outfit

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Things sure are warming up here in Arizona! It's been hovering around 75-80 degrees for the past week and it's made me convinced that Spring is just around the corner, despite what Mr. Groundhog said (I don't think he's been to Arizona lately). Needless to say I've been re-organizing my closet to put all of my "winter" pieces towards the back and bringing all of my Spring things to the front. That's when I re-discovered this beautiful wrap that my best friend got me from India! Who needs to go shopping when you can just go through your closet and find something you forgot you had! 

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I love all of the colors woven throughout this piece, and it's so lightweight making it great for this balmy weather. I've been underestimating accessories lately, not realizing the impact they can have on an outfit. Whether it's a wrap like this one, a pair of statement earrings, or even a belt! I'm planning on investing into more accessories this year because adding something, even if it's simple, can make your outfit complete. 

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If you saw my Instagram last week, then you probably noticed I bought these blush pink espadrilles! I'm so excited to wear them more and more as the weather continues to warm up, and they are just the right height to add sophistication to your look but still allow you to walk around with ease. I'm planning on wearing these with everything from jeans to dresses and skirts! And since they're under $100, I'm thinking of getting them in a few more colors, like ivory, yellow and this fun denim pair!

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