Belle Inspired Dresses

Today is St. Patrick's Day, but more importantly, it's the release day of Beauty and the Beast!! The animated film is my favorite Disney movie EVER (my blog name can give you that hint!), so naturally I'm so excited about the live-action version coming out today. When I first heard that they were doing this movie in a live-action film I couldn't contain my excitement and couldn't fathom waiting until 2017 (so...far...away...), but the day has finally come! Plus, the sheer fact that Alan Menken is doing the music again is beyond magical. To celebrate this enchanting day, I am sharing some of my favorite Belle-inspired dresses, which are also great spring dresses in general! Now I don't know about you, but my only plans for today are seeing the movie with my mom, talking about it for hours afterward, and listening to the soundtrack :) Have a lovely weekend! xo

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