5 Tips for Selling on Poshmark


It's hard to believe I've been selling on Poshmark for 2 months now--it feels like it's been so much longer than that! When Freddy reads this I'm sure he will roll his eyes because he was trying to get me to sign up for Poshmark for a looong time. I had heard great things about Poshmark from other people like how easy it was, but I just never took the time to look into it and learn more about it. Finally in May, after I did a closet clean-out, I had so many clothes that I didn't want anymore but my local consignment shop wouldn't take them. It was then that I decided I could probably still make a little money off of the clothes, so I finally signed up for Poshmark!


After I made my first few listings I realized that all of those people who said it was incredibly easy were completely right! It only took me a few minutes to post a few items and before I knew it I had tons of likes and new people following me who could shop my closet. It was amazing! I made my first sale within a couple days of posting and it seemed like a domino effect took off from there. So far I've made $200 which I've been able to use to buy new clothes and build my summer wardrobe! I've definitely learned a few things since signing up for Poshmark, so I thought I would share a few of them with you in case you're on the fence about joining or if you're a new "posher".

1. Share your listings consistently

Once you post a listing for the first time, it goes out to all of your followers so they can see what you've posted. Over time, your listing will go towards the bottom of your followers' news feed, so if you don't continue to re-share your listing, no one will see it. I typically share my existing listings every 2 days to re-gain some traffic in hopes of new people seeing it. Which leads me to my next tip...

2. Join "parties" often

Poshmark editors will send out notifications of "parties" each week which feature a new theme. For example, "Best in Bags" or "Weekend Wear Party" are some of the parties I've joined. Thousands of people in the Poshmark community join these parties to sell their items and shop other people's listings. By sharing your listings during these parties, you have a greater chance of reaching more people who will see your posts. Some themes can be more specific to a brand like Free People or Michael Kors, so if you are selling items pertaining to those brands it's a great way to reach a broader audience and potentially make a sale!

3. First impressions are everything

Selecting the right cover photo for your listing is one of the most important things you can do. When shoppers are scrolling through the app, the cover photo is the one they see, so make sure it's eye-catching! I've found the most success using photos in which I'm wearing the piece I'm trying to sell. When a potential buyer can see a dress or blouse on the body, they get a better sense of how it moves and what the shape of the piece is. You can post up to 8 photos in a listing, and I'm a believer in "the more the merrier". The more pictures you show a potential buyer of any details (or defects), or how to wear the item, the more they will trust you and know that you're not trying to hide anything. I've also found it helpful to use a measuring tape when selling items like a handbag or pants, that way people can see exactly what the measurements are. 

4. Respond to questions

On certain listings I've gotten many questions regarding the fit or how tall I am to give potential buyers a reference. When you buy something on Poshmark, you can't return it just because it doesn't fit, so it's understandable when you get several questions on a piece because people want to make sure it's going to work for them. I always try to be prompt when responding to questions because I don't want a potential buyer to lose interest if they're waiting for me to get back to them with a measurement. I've commented back and forth with multiple people for weeks, thinking that it would never result in a sale, but patience proved that in due time people will eventually commit.

5. Be prompt + be thankful

Poshmark's golden rule is to ship items out within 2 days of a buyer purchasing your item, and to always include a thank you note. I try to ship the item out the same day or the next day so that the buyer will receive it sooner than expected. When someone is paying for express shipping, I never want to disappoint them! I also wrap my items in tissue paper and include a note thanking them for their purchase, and a few tips on how to style it or maybe the story of how I initially found the piece. It's a fun way to build rapport with my buyers and hopefully they'll come back to my shop if they've enjoyed their experience! 


I hope these tips are helpful for you! I read a few different articles on Poshmark etiquette when I first started using it and I found it very beneficial to make sure I gave my buyers a great experience. Even though it's been a couple months since I signed up I still get a thrill of excitement when I make a sale, because even though I may not love or have use for the pieces I'm selling, it means that their story can live on in someone else's wardrobe and I love that! 

P.S. These are just a few of the pieces I currently have listed in my shop if you want to check them out! xo