Floral Skirt for Fall

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Lately I've been having very good luck finding amazing clothing pieces at Target! They have truly stepped up their game with their women's fashion offering, debuting several new brands, and creating a "pop-up" shop effect with their merchandising; it's so exciting to see. I probably go to Target on a weekly basis for errands, and I never used to stop by the apparel section, but now it's the first place I go to when I walk in! I love checking out what's new and being inspired by the latest collections.

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Not only is the current selection on trend for fall, but the price points are so amazing! I have been a long-time Nordstrom shopper, and while they do offer a wide range in price points, it's hard for me to walk out of there feeling like a get a good bang for my buck most of the time. At Target, I can spend $100 on clothing and have at least 3 outfits with pieces I can mix and match with; I LOVE that feeling!

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What initially grabbed my attention with this skirt was the floral print with muted tones. I also love the silhouette with the ruffle detail and the movement it has when you walk. Since fall is still in the distant future for us Phoenicians, I wanted to be able to make a fall-inspired outfit with this skirt to wear now. I couldn't wait until the weather got cooler! I played up the olive green hues by bringing it out in my shoes (in nude here), and opted for a flowy, silk blouse to keep it light and airy. I definitely have plans to wear this skirt with a turtleneck and ankle booties (probably sometime in October lol) so stay tuned for that!

I hope you have a great Friday and a relaxing weekend ahead! I'm so glad to have the day off today to go to the movies with my mom & some friends. I'm taking her to see Home Again and I can't wait! Then later tonight, I'm seeing the original Beauty and the Beast (my fave Disney movie) at a movie theatre with one of my friends! I'll basically just be at the movies all day, but hey, it beats being outside in this crazy heat. xoxo



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