One Step I'm Taking to Establish Good Habits

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A few weeks ago I bought movie tickets for Freddy and I and it was literally life changing! This wasn’t just any movie we were about to see…it was Rachel Hollis’ Made for More documentary! If you aren’t familiar with Rachel Hollis, she is one of the most inspiring women/motivational speakers I’ve come across. I first heard about her through Julie Solomon’s The Influencer Podcast (she is also super empowering and inspiring!) and as soon as I finished listening to that podcast episode, I immediately followed Rachel on Instagram and started listening to her podcast called Rise. When I listen to her podcast, I feel like I’m hanging out with one of my best girlfriends who also gives me tangible life, business and relationship advice all at once. So when I heard that this documentary was coming to theaters right at the start of the New Year, I knew I just had to go see it!

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I brought Freddy along with me, knowing how inspiring Rachel is, I figured we could both use some motivation and words of wisdom to jumpstart 2019. Once we got there, I quickly realized that Freddy was the only guy in the entire theater…sorry babe! Despite a couple awkward moments of “women’s only” talk, he still enjoyed it and had some great takeaways from it. After the movie, Rachel did a 30 minute coaching session, breaking down 5 tangible ways to set yourself up for success. All of them resonated with me so deeply, like the one about having a clean physical environment in order to stay focused and productive. Which is why I spent last weekend cleaning up our apartment, in case you caught that on my Instagram stories!

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The one that tugged at my heart strings the most though, was the importance of having a morning routine. I was like oh crap…I’m NOT a morning person! It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I hate the sound of my alarm going off in the morning, so much so that I will literally hit snooze 8 times before actually waking up. I’ll sleep until the last possible moment, soaking up every minute of those precious zzz’s. And I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, but I truly believe that my former “retail life” didn’t help me out in any way, shape or form. My schedule was always all over the place, working at 8am one day and then 1pm the next. I took advantage of those late shifts to sleep in and let my body rest, because let’s be real, I felt totally exhausted most days! Now, do I believe that we should listen to our bodies and let them rest when they need rest? 100%! But one thing that Rachel said that hit home for me was “a chaotic morning, leads to a chaotic day, leads to a chaotic life!”

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Now that I have a set work schedule everyday, I want to get in the habit of waking up at the same time every morning and using that time to set an intention for my day. Yesterday was the first day of this new habit I’m creating where I’m waking up at 6am (one hour before I need to get up) and using that hour for myself. What will I do with that extra hour of time? Each day will look a bit different, but it will involve some of these things: pray and talk to Jesus before my day starts, workout, do yoga, work on the blog, check in on my goals, make a cup of coffee, read a book, the possibilities are endless! For the first couple weeks I’m going to check in on Instagram stories, so you guys can hold me accountable and see that I’m sticking to this new morning routine :) I’m actually really excited about it, which is weird for me to say because as I mentioned, I’m not a morning person! But for the first time ever, I’m ready to become one.

What’s a good habit you’re trying to work towards this year? I’d love to hear about it and encourage you! xo

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