Some Like It Hot

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I've mentioned before on the blog that I would define my style as timeless, feminine and classic, gravitating towards pieces that I can pull out of my closet again and again. While that is true 90% of the time, when it's 115 degrees outside sometimes you just have to throw on the easiest thing (like this tank top that's on sale for $12!) and go with it! Honestly, when it's that hot, nothing is exactly comfortable and no matter what you decide to put on, you're sweating 2.5 minutes later. Even though I want my content to exude this "classic style" that I love so much, there are some days where you'll find me in a tank and jeans! I can't resist a good pair of jeans...even if they are mom jeans. Speaking of jeans, there are tons of amazing jeans on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale--I've rounded up my favorites here!

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The crazy heat is also why we've resorted to taking pictures at 7 o'clock at night when the sun has gone down and it's somewhat bearable to be outdoors. We've thrown around the idea of taking pictures in the morning, but the sun is already out by 5:30am and there's no way I'm waking up that early! Summertime has always been a struggle for me to continue creating relevant blog content because I find I'm most unmotivated this time of year. Work is always hectic, so I'm exhausted by the time I get home, let alone it's so dang hot outside that the last thing I want to do is take blog photos and watch my makeup melt off in slow motion. I used to love the summer because it meant adventure and traveling to beat the AZ heat; now I can't wait for summer to be over so we can actually enjoy being outside again :) Our ultimate dream is to have a 2nd home somewhere cool that we can escape to from May-August! 

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I must say though, one thing I absolutely love about Arizona summers is the monsoon season! So far we haven't gotten a ton of action, but usually in late July-mid August is when things start to pick up. I love the smell of desert rain and hearing the huge cracks of thunder--it's something that is so soothing to me and reminds me of my childhood; laying in bed, falling asleep watching the lighting put on a show. What's your favorite thing about summer where you live? xo