Spring Trends: Pass or Purchase

As I mentioned in last week's post, our balmy, warm weather suddenly turned cold and gloomy! But I won't let it stop me from enjoying my spring state-of-mind and drooling over all of the beautiful new pieces that are being released every week. Spring has quickly become my favorite season with all of the gorgeous colors; it's so refreshing to see after being surrounded by dark, muted winter tones. Today I'm rounding up some of the key trends for the season and helping you determine whether you should pass or purchase! 

Florals & Romanticism

Florals. For spring...groundbreaking. (All my Devil Wears Prada fans know what's up!) It's no surprise that florals are a trend this season, it seems like every year we see them in some shape or form. To me, the soft, billowy silhouettes paired with floral patterns are classic and feminine; something you can come back to again and again. And depending on the color palette of the piece, you can certainly wear it into the fall season. I'm loving this mini skirt as well as this effortless midi dress.


This season we are still seeing a ton of logos printed on bags, t-shirts, shoes...you name it! To be honest, I feel that this trend won't hold it's own for more than a year. I personally have never been a fan of logos all over my clothing, unless you count my Abercrombie & Fitch days back in the early 2000's (sorry mom), so I don't plan on buying into this "fad". Some people are really into logos and I think that's great! Everyone has their own unique style and I love that we all have the freedom to express ourselves in whichever way we choose. 

Bold Colors

Fuchsia, cobalt blue and sunshine yellow are just some of the vivid hues you'll be seeing more of this spring. Although I am a self-professed neutrals addict, I am loving these bright colors! I think that you'll be able to get more longevity out of these colors if you buy them in classic styles, such as a blazer, a sheath dress or even a pointed-toe heel. Plus, you can pair these colors back to black for a more timeless look! 

What do you think of these spring trends? Any that you're excited to try, or any that you definitely want to stay away from? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

xo Chantelle