Spring Closet Cleanout Tips

One of the reasons why I love spring is that there is this theme of new growth and new life after the harsh winter. It's like the saying goes, "out with the old and in with the new!" Which means there's really no better time than right now to clean out your closet! I know this can sound very scary to some and also time consuming, but I promise you it is well-worth the time invested. I recently cleaned out my closet and just last week I helped my mom do the same; it's actually a lot of fun for me and I love the feeling of purging items that I don't wear anymore. I've had my share of closet cleanouts over the years, so I decided it was time to share some tips!

1. It's Time to Say Goodbye

I have fallen victim to the feeling of guilt when I am attempting to get rid of something that I haven't worn in a year but still "like it and will probably wear it next week!" NOPE, wrong. Be honest with yourself--if you are contemplating keeping something that has sat in your closet for the last 6 months-1 year, it's time to say "bye, Felicia!"  Don't let that pilled sweater weigh you down just because you "love the color" and are planning on "fixing it." If you haven't been wearing it, chances are you likely won't wear it again within the next 3 months. I have also felt the guilt of wanting to get rid of something that I maybe purchased for a trip but have only worn a handful of times, which leads me to my next tip. 

2. Three Categories That Will Save Your Life: Keep, Donate, and Sell

If I have an item that is in really good condition but I don't necessarily want to donate it, I'll try selling it first at a consignment shop. I typically save this for pieces that I purchased at $50+ and feel that I could get some cash for them. Everything else I put in my donate pile and take it to my nearest Goodwill store. Setting up bins or bags in these 3 categories will save you so much time as you're going through this process. Plus, by taking EVERYTHING out of your closet you'll have the opportunity to re-organize the space and group categories together (i.e. blouses, skirts, pants, coats, etc.). It also gives you a clearer picture of what you are keeping vs. donating/selling and can help you feel motivated by your progress!

3. Go With Your Gut

Last but certainly not least, go with your instincts! I've noticed that when I start this process with fresh eyes, I'll look at a dress an immediately know I don't want it anymore. Go with that gut feeling, rather than looking at an item and talking yourself back into it and having it sit in your closet for another season. Also, if you know you don't fit into something anymore or if you simply just aren't inspired by it, it's time to move on! I always recommend trying things on, especially if you haven't worn something in awhile. You may remember it on you differently than it looks right now. 

Don't rush the process and give yourself at least 4 hours (depending on how big your closet is!) to really go through each item and evaluate. Even though it can be a grueling process, you'll feel so much lighter afterwards! Then if you sell some of your clothes, you'll have some money to go shopping to fill those gaps in your wardrobe! Have fun with it--invite a girlfriend over that you trust to give their honest opinion, crank up the tunes and have a glass of lemonade! I hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning and I'd love to hear your stories! xo