Silk Floral Pants + A Shimmery Sweater

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With the holidays being just around the corner, I’m getting so excited about the thought of dressing up a little bit more than I normally would. I currently don’t have any parties to attend, but I love the feeling that the holidays evoke and having an excuse to wear more sparkle and elevate my outfits with a fun pair of heels. When I saw this blush sweater from the Atlantic-Pacific collection at Nordstrom (under $60!), I thought it would be the perfect piece to add a touch of shimmer this holiday season!

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I also thought it would be perfect to pair with these floral, silk pants (now on sale, last seen here) that I got from J. Crew a few months ago. The last time I wore these pants it was much warmer outside, so I was really excited to be able to wear a long sleeve top with them! It’s also interesting how as your style evolves, you can notice yourself gravitating to similar items time and time again. For me, those items involve any sort of pink, a neutral shade and a good floral print. I somehow can never resist a beautiful floral pattern, whether it’s on a dress, a blouse or a pair of pants. I find florals to be a closet staple year-round, and because this particular pattern has darker hues they are great for winter! Now I’m on the hunt for a pretty dark green blouse to pair them with, perhaps something like this or this one with a bow!

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I’ve had some people ask me if I think a floral pattern is too limiting in terms of pairing it with other pieces, and my answer is absolutely not! I think it can depend on the type of floral print and the colors involved, but my suggestion is to go with something that has a variety of colors that you can play off of. For example, with these pants, I was drawn to them because I knew I would be able to wear blush, ivory, navy and various green tones with them. I think that’s the key when you’re dealing with any pattern—make sure you have enough color options to play with so that you can make the item more versatile and create several different outfits. Plus, it’s more fun when you have more options! xo

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