What's In My Bag

I've always thought of myself to be an organized person, although my husband might beg to differ (i.e. when I leave my clothes on the floor or my shoes by the front door--sorry babe!). As I've gotten older, I've realized now that I don't always "have it all together", which is totally fine, but I definitely am making it a vow to become more organized this year and see to it that everything has a place. 

One of the areas I have found that I tend to be the most disorganized and cluttered is in my handbags! I used to carry a larger satchel style bag, and within a few days receipts, wrappers and other miscellaneous items would take over and it would be a struggle to even find my lipstick sometimes. I would clean it out every few days, but even still things would pile up and I would ignore them until it got to the point of insanity and I had just had enough! I had been looking at some smaller, crossbody style bags to help solve my dilemma, and when Freddy gave me this Alexander Wang handbag (similar here, here, here and here) for Christmas I was so happy! The size is literally perfect to fit all of my necessities, with ZERO room for clutter--PTL!

Now that I had a new handbag in the perfect size, I needed to find a wallet that would hold all of my cards (no not necessarily credit cards, but loyalty cards, business cards and gift cards-oh my!) which I knew wouldn't be easy. I was looking specifically at french wallets, since it would fit inside my handbag easily, but it also needed to have enough storage space. When I stumbled upon this one from Stella McCartney (also in grey here and black here) I knew it was the right one. I call it my magic wallet because it fits all of my things with ease and it's not bulky either!

A few of my other bare necessities that I can't leave the house without include my Fresh Sugar lip balms; one in the advanced therapy for the harsh winter days, and the signature Rosé tinted balm which is a great alternative to lipstick. After being introduced to this line of skincare early last year, I have become hooked and love trying out all of their new products. 

Thankfully my new handbag also has two exterior pockets and one interior pocket, so if I absolutely NEED to keep a receipt or note, it has a designated spot and won't wreak havoc :) Do you ever struggle with keeping a neat and orderly handbag? More power to you if you don't! I'd love to hear your tips to an organized and clutter-free life :) Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend! xo