Pink Floral Blouse

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One place that Freddy and I love to visit when we have a day off together is a cute little town called Sedona up in Northern Arizona. We were last up there in April, and we just got to visit again on Sunday which was so fun! Our goal was to escape the heat that doesn't seem to be letting up here in Phoenix. We're still in the triple digit temps, so being in 85 degree weather for even just the day was so needed! We typically don't make an agenda when we go up for the day, we just like to see where the day leads us and enjoy taking in all the sights and fun shops. 

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We met up with one of Freddy's friends for coffee and pastries as we watched a storm roll in while sitting on the covered patio. Thankfully the rain didn't last long and he was able to take us on a scenic loop to see all of the beautiful red rocks that Sedona is known for! I don't think I could ever get used to that view; it's so amazing seeing God's creation on display before your eyes like that. 

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I definitely wanted to be comfortable on our trip, so I opted for a printed top and jeans (don't worry, I brought sandals as another shoe option!). I found this top at Target a couple weeks ago for under $30, so naturally I couldn't pass it up! Plus, pink is my favorite color, no matter what shade it's in. There's an outdoor shopping center designed after Old Mexico called Tlaquepaque that we love to visit while we're in Sedona. It's filled with unique shops, restaurants and art galleries--truly something for everyone! 

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There's also a lovely resort just across the street from this shopping center called Los Abrigados. I grew up going there with my parents in the winter and I have such great memories there. Freddy and I are hoping to stay there in December for a little winter escape! Thanks for stopping by today, it always means so much! xo