A Tried-and-True Classic Dress

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When I'm out shopping or browsing online, there are certain pieces that speak to me, and those pieces are typically very feminine, classic and timeless. Whether it's a blouse, a skirt or a dress, I'm almost always drawn to things that can stand the test of time or can be worn multiple ways for different occasions. I've never really been into trends, since they come and go so often, but the trends that I'll try are ones I can incorporate into my everyday style. For example, when we started seeing more block-heel shoes rather than stilettos, I fell in love! Any shoe that still looks beautiful but is easier to walk in is a win in my book. I also really love the circle bag trend that we're continuing to see in the fall collections that are coming out. Depending on the fabrication and design, I feel that these can be a very timeless accessory you can add onto an outfit. 

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I found this lace Fuzzi dress at a Nordstrom Rack in Palm Desert two years ago, and it is still one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I've been able to wear it for multiple occasions, from weddings and graduations, to showers and birthday dinners; it truly is so versatile and that's what I've loved about it from day one. A-line silhouettes are one of my favorites because they are flattering on pretty much everyone! It's such an easy style to throw on and instantly feel elevated and elegant. I'm also a lover of lace, and since this dress has some small ruffles mixed in with the floral lace design, I felt it really added to the flirtiness of the piece. And it's perfect for twirling in, of course!

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Sometimes when I go into a Nordstrom Rack store I can be overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise there is to sort through. If I don't have a game plan in mind of what I'm looking for, I can start to get disoriented and walk out finding nothing, leaving discouraged and that I've wasted an hour. I've found that it helps to know what items you're looking for, whether it's a pair of dark wash jeans or a black blazer, that way you can sort through the racks only seeking out the pieces you truly need. Of course, there are those instances where a surprise piece that you didn't know you needed jumps out at you (like what happened to me when I found this dress) and screams your name! That's half the fun when you're looking through all of the merchandise, so while it's important to have a game plan, be open to finding those rare and unique finds that are just meant to be.